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RE-GRADING + Re-grading + more regrading

All about the RE-GRADING of USA Currency  

1909 s Indian Head Penny

Is it Real or Fake?


the Grading Parameters  of PCGS  PMG  & CGA

Anybody can grade his own USA Currency!  You need to start with these Parameters.

Just be truthful !

Example #1  & #2

I graded this $20 notes

If you ask me, I’ll send you these parameters

Example #3  $2 note

Example #4 Large $2 Note

You can also GRADE your Own Coins!  Note the RARE ones but MOST of the Coins in a SET!

You Just have to Practice

How to Calculate

Your Scrape GOLD

Error coins!  Not the RARE kind the Regular kind always being found!

Check it out

Sorry, Now I’ve got to make some MONEY to Pay for all of this!

It’s time for COINS NOW

Penny!  Lots of Penny’s

Check it out


Great Quarter errors

Not the classics

Download Grading Templates here!

If you buy any USA Currency you need to check this Software!   

it’s FREE for 30 days

OK, WHY do this website?  

Because GRADING Companies do not have RULES that EVERYBODY can follow! NOT even a little bit, and some Grading companies bring down the GOOD companies. Now I am not saying there are GOOD or Bad Grading companies, BUT they REALLY NEED TO POLICE THEMSELVES! They are NOT doing a good job of policing themselves!

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I Buy and Sell Coins and USA Currency!  No collection too Small or too Large

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