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  about it!  It's Just about MONEY!   started this page 1/1/2013     CHECK 2012 only 6 months!
     A  lesson that allows GRADING Companies to "TRICK the Public"   No Rules easy to follow rules of grading    Ask me to send you  the Circulated Grading parameters FREE!
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35 Which note would you buy?  2 top Graders PCGS & PMG Check it out!  Why?   Just answer me WHY?  Into the design?  Why?
34 This is weird!  It's a $1000 note that's graded as a 20 but just look at it!  It says Apparent but… who knows what that means.  IT means maybe it's really a PCGS 10 Now look what I foumd on EBAY VF 25 and which one would you rather own?  It's pretty evident that the Top one looks better!  Why didn't PCGS put the attributes that Outlined this grade?  it's free!  
33 This note is graded by PCGS as a 15!  And the word Apparent isn't there!  It should be in my opinion.  But that's a differnent story! Grading Circulated notes AFTER they have been in Circulation (the hell of Notes) is just weird.  The grading system just doesn't consider what the note had to endure. grade for FREE
32 Now you have to Look at these notes!  All done in the past 3 months!  Or so I'm told PCGS 58 to PCGS 65 in 2 months?   PCGS I would check to make sure nobody is using your name!   WEIRD  WEIRD WEIRD
31 Like Fine Wine!  A USA Note can change it's grade from 50 to an amazing?????? It's seems Crazy to fight this!  The Grading companies have got everybody by the b_____!    Grade you own and save some money!
30 This next note graded by CGA as a 64 has got to be a joke.  Really!  Maybe it's a mistake! Maybe it's a BOO BOO!  Maybe it's a reason why you should just learn to grade your own notes using the Attributes found on
29 Come on!  68 grade?  You have got to be kidding?  Did they even look at this note?  Wait! They really don't consider the reverse, do they? I wouldn't buy this stuff!  Someone will pay big bucks and get ripped.  And then they will ask "What about the Reverse"  Grading companies just consider that side! 
28 This is exactly what I'm saying!  With NO uniform rules on Grading, Grades can jump from AU  to CU  any time! It would be great if they posted the Attributes for the grade on the Certificate!  It would also be great to grade BOTH sides of a Note!  Why don't they?  It's their OPINION Peroid! 
27 Weird!  CGA63 when this note appears to have been trimmed!  Weird corners!  & dirt! It's just goes to show that these so called experts have the entire system under their control.  It a shame when people spend good money for this junk
26 This is weird!  It's graded as a PCGS 61 but it could be an error??? It just seems WEIRD that 3 experts didn't grade this note as an error but did grade it as a 61 with a KRINKLE on both sides???  YOU DECIDE
25 This is weird! It was graded once by PCGS as a 50 Now GUESS what CGA grades it as???? They grade it as a 67  COME ON! 17 points Jump?  No way!
24 This is weird! CGA & PCGS!  Playing against each other or NOT?  CGA 64  now PCGS 58- 11 Points different?  WEIRD Learn to GRADE u'r Own at
23 Can u imagine a Note going from 20 to 58?  I can't but it did with this $1000 note It's actually documented as a Grade of 20  and it's Now a CGA 58
22 Now this really EXPLAINS it all!  2002 graded as a 40 --2012 graded as a 67 You have got to be kidding!  OH MY GOSH!  40-67= 27 points?   NOBODY can be that totally wrong!    
21 Does this note deserve a grade of 67?  Center fold?  Crinkles?  Is it my eyes?  This note has been in circulation!! It's obvious isn't in?  Maybe it isn't but you can stop buying these graded notes and learn to GRADE-IT-Yourself!   At  at least u can change it because it's FREE
20 PCGS 58 to CGA 68 !  Really?  Come on! How can two Grading companies be so different?   MONEY?  MONEY??  MONEY???
19 PMG58  regraded by PCGS as 66  OH my gosh! PMG  and PCGS  I thought these guys were close!  GRADE-it-U'R self!
18 PMG 64   and   PCGS65 Even PNG (a good company most of the time)  is getting burned but by only 1 point
17 This is another example the Graders just don't know what they are doing!  CGA68  or PCGS 58 10 points different!  How can that be?  10 points!   Crazy WEIRD
16 Why oh why?  Cut this note out of a Holder that says it is graded as a CGA 66  ???     You are going to lose! How many more people need to be ripped off?  How will this Stop?  GRADE-u'r-OWN
15 Another crazy owner!  Cut this note out of a CGA66 only to be re-graded by PCGS as a 55!  What are these people thinking? Why would someone cut out a CGA 66 Holder?  BECAUSE they know it's Overgraded!
14 WOW again a CGA 65 after paying $6,900 bucks ONLY to get a PCGS 55 !   Big bucks lost!  Why would people buys these notes?  These graders can't have a clue what they are doing!   SERIAL NUMBERED!!!!
13 Someone lost a ton of buck on this CGA 66  only to be re-graded as a PCGS 58!  Why would you cut this out of it CGA holder? Maybe it was a joke!  Maybe someone forgot!  Maybe it was damaged?  Maybe PCGS just knows that CGA  is a junk grader?   (oops I didn't say that)
12 Now this is just WRONG!  Or an error  20 to PCGS 58 Who knows how a 20 can become a PCGS 58???  Maybe it was Friday or Monday!  But I wouldn't count on any of them
11 This is just weird!  CGA 68  to PCGS 58  How can these Grader be so different???? Maybe they really hate each other?   Maybe they are just ripping people off!  
10 This is a crime!  17 points!  17 points this note jumped!   WHAT IS WRONG With GRADING Companies? You have got to STOP THIS! How can a note in 2011 go from PCGS 55  to CGA 67?  UNDER GRADED?  I don't think so! 
9 This is just wrong wrong wrong!  Taking a Circulated note & grading it as 64 Unc-Circulated just for money! This abuse has got to stop!  Look at Track & Price and see how many notes have been re-graded over the past 5 or 6 years.  GRADE-Ur- OWN
8 PMG has really Gotten CRAZY!  You have got to see this DOCTORED Note!  Wait a minute maybe they are allowed to do this? Crazy Crazy Crazy!  It's Very Weird!   How can someone NOT know that they CLEANED or Changed this COLOR
7 PCGS 58  to CGA 67! This OVERGRADING or undergrading has got to STOP! It's your money!  BUY it!  But just remember the next person to buy this note will have the history of this NOTE because he's using T&P
6 This is a GOOD one!  PCGS 55  to CGA 67!   I'm  not kidding! WEIRD WEIRD!  Magic Dust  PCGS 55  to CGA 67!  
5 This isn't so BAD  it's a PCGS 64 on 1/12/2013  TO CGA 67 ! HUH?  Where is the Star? Wait a minute!  PCGS64 to CGA 67  gosh!  Why not CGA69 or CGA71 ?
4 Now this is an OLDIE but Goodie!  In 1992 it grade as an AU55 Now after like 21 years it's  a MS64  MAGIC DUST -- Magic dust
3 This is an easy one!  It never really happened!  Or it's a ONCE in a life time!  Or MONEY! Circulated Currency grading system should have been used!  IT'S FREE  YOU GRADE it Yourself!      NO MONEY!
2 OH my gosh! You have got to see this Comparison!  PCGS-VF20 & PMG-VF20 Why are the parameters NOT on the certificate? Can you truly justify this GRADE?  Is there anybody that stupid to actually agree that this note is a VERY FINE 20?   (u want to buy a bridge?)
1 Here we go again!     Use to be PCGS 58 and within 2 months later ….it's NOW  a CGA65   SAY WHAT? Can you believe that SERIAL Numbered notes can be RE-GRADED 2 months later?  What happening with COINS?  No serial numbers!