2014as of OCT 30 Updated 9/8/2014
  PMG=Green†† PCGS=Blue†† CGA=RED Started counting 12/20/2013
  NOBODY really cares exactly what I have Found!I have asked PCGS to Visit these RE-GRADING and got no Comment about any of them!†† GRADING on a scale from 1 to 70 is for the EXPERTS!††
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  2012>>>>only 6 months of data>>>>> http://www.stolencurrency.com/huh/huh2012.htm
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154 This is just WRONG?Not one word about what happen to this Note! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/47836024.html
153 Use to be CGA 66now it's be regrade as a PMG 45!Holy crap? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b02817264.html
152 This note use to be graded as VF but it really need to be EF?WHY?? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/12378986a.html
151 Now don't get confused, this is another $500 note that's Be REGRADED http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/i00017597a.html
150 From a CGA 66 to a PCGS 45! REALLY21 points different?REALLY http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/n24428777.html
149 This $500 dollar note was graded by CGA 66 in 2001- what is it in 2014? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/l00155108a.html
148 From a PMG 10 to a PMG 25 --maybe it's the STAR?Gee that doesn't mean anything, or does it?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h7354.html
147 Not one word about the RED INK or Teller mark and yet these guys are the EXPERTS?PCGS 15 to PMG 20 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/699258d.html
146 An example where cleaning is just crazy!With NO comments on the certificate http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b5230859.html
145 This $2 note went from an unofficial 63 to an official CGA 67 (with Soiling noted)to a PCGS 53 --- That's just crazy! Isn't it??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/n97559428.html
144 This is a reason to be VERY causious when trying to buy Certified Notes! The certification changes every year!Today CGA 65 tomorrow PCGS 45 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/e6572015.html
143 Another Miracle!What happens to the VALUE when these notes got from PMG64to PCGS 66???†† I bet they Double!Maybe even triple! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k23598866.html
142 One day its PCGS 64the next day it's PCGS 65 !REALLY?No way!What happens to the value? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h14668260.html
141 MIRACLE!To go from a PMG 58to a CGA 66 has got to be a Miracle!!What grading parameter are they using?†††† Magic Dust Pro http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/c6975396a.html
140 A guy offered this note for sale in 2012 and graded it 40? Guess what the GRADE is now?†† CGA 67!!!! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a00439256a.html
139 2007 this was a CGA 64!Can you believe in 2014 it's now in a PCGS Holder and it's now a PCGS ?? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b15049690.html
138 CGA said this note was a CGA 66!But guess what?Someone removed it from the holder and it's now a PCGS?? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b2031784a.html
137 RARE note!Stacks called it a 63†† NOPE CGA says it's a 66!WHAT HAPPENS to the VALUE?Doubles?TRIPLES?†† Maybe even higher? (2 sum unspecticing soul) http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b13054782a.html
136 Was this note trimmed? PCGS 53NOPE CGA says it's an easy 66!†† 4 points less that PERFECT --How are these notes graded?With Sunglasses? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/d13732195.html
135 From Very Fine/ Extremely Fine to PMG 64!REALLY?How on gods green earth did this happen?†† MAGIC DUST working Over time?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h1356446a.html
134 From AU50 in 2013 to CGA 65 in 2014 a matter of months this note has changed by 15 points!†† OH wait a minute HERITAGE was the grader!What do they know? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a41109557a.html
133 Conserve!NOT original!Use to be bad!Now only the EXPERTS can do it!††† Crazy rules these graders have http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a00038184a.html
132 CLEANEDwith H2Oand some elbow grease!Shouldn't they have to TELL the buyer on the HOLDER?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/l00097044a.html
131 FROM CGA67to PMG 58!†† 9 points!Crazy just crazy http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/d82596400b.html
130 PCGS grade this note a 55!Take a WILD guess what CGA graded it?10 points?PEOPLE pay real money for these http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/c01051305a.html
129 Again CGA increase this grade to a 66!CRAZY http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/z51929410.html
128 This is amazing !††† MAGIC DUST no doubt!†† Now is it really a PCGS 66 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/5854424b.html
127 STAINSall over this note!What SOAP & Water will do!Isn't that CLEANED? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/x51a.html
126 PMG graded this GEM a 61 But someone took it out of a PMG holder and had CGA regrade it as a 64†† WHY?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/z30450932.html
125 This $20 GOLD note was graded by someone else as a VF So what does CGA say? CGA66 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k62202515.html
124 MINOR RESTORATION!REALLY? Look at this note! PCGS 53??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g00112949a.html
123 THIS Gem was estimated at $6000?As PMG 55!Can you tell me what would YOU pay if it was a CGA 66?10,000 grand?15,000 grand? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b8080353.html
122 CGA graded this a 67! Someone removed it & had it regraded as a PCGS55Ö.. WHAT IS THE RISK? Why would any one COMPLAIN about this? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/l12689454a.html
121 $1000 Note graded 2014 as PCGS 55 GUESS what CGA said? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g00194486a.html
120 $1000 note Graded in april 2014 by PCGS 58 GUESS what CGA said?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h00043893a.html
119 Unoffically graded as a 50 in 1996!2014 it's a CGA65 (bust my buttons) http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/z10854317.html
118 This $10 had stains!†† Then a miracle!†† Regraded PMG 65 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b96409733a.html
117 PMG said this note was a FINE 12!But changed it's mind & made it a ?? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/j3831447a.html
116 This $2 note went from an unofficial55to a CGA 68 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a12499883a.html
115 PMG graded this note as a 55 CGA regrade made it a 66 (really) http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/m13815504.html
114 Black Eagle graded by PCGS 58 --RE-graded by CGA 65 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/z58575192z.html
113 $100 GOLD Coin note! Very Rare PCGS 58 to CGA 64 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/n2271894.html
112 This VERY RARE note went from PMG 58 to PCGS 64!GEE really? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/19628503.html
111 This Star bnote went from 300 bucks to $3000 in a matter of Months http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/01188105a.html
110 This note wasn't graded Officially but guess what CGA said it was??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a3336174.html
109 Lyn Knight said this note was a 45!OOPS CGA says Nope it's a 64 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k25964489.html
108 PMG said this $1000 note was a 58!BUT nope CGA says it's a 66 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/f00015934a.html
107 This RARE bird was graded by a bunch of different People! BUT http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/37830.html
106 This rare gem was a PCGS 53! & CGA now says NOPE it's a CGA 67 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/5398088.html
105 PCGS found this note to grad as a 58! What changed for CGA? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k2352184.html
104 This rare Note went from a PMG 58 to a CGA 66! REALLY? HOW? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k58541768.html
103 This GEM with Stain & all! Went from NO grade to CGA 63! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k38219341.html
102 This rare $10 note was graded by STACKS in 2006as a 20! What the heck do they know!It wasreally graded by CGA as a 45 DUH! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/d3422345.html
101 This rare, very rare note went from a 58 to a 66 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/44511.html
100 Both of these notes were just sold on Ebay!Guess what they are now? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h17948554a.html
99 This PCGS note graded apparent 55! But it's now a CGA 64 HOW? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/00614844a.html
98 This $100 note graded as a PCGS 50! Now it's a CGA65†† REALLY? Why http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/l00594242a.html
97 PMG40 to a CGA 65! Wonder how the population report is affected?? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/5921997.html
96 This $2 gem went from a PMG 53 to a CGA 67!Holy crap!How? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/z19625726.html
95 The North Africa went from PMG 55 to CGA66 HUH?HOW?Really? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b04209907a.html
94 This Black Eagle went through a Complete REFURBISHMENT http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/r28108344a.html
93 This $1000 note used to be PMG25 Now it's PCGS 40!So much for the Population reports http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b00432815a.html
92 Now this GEM! Originally was a VG but PMG says NOPE it's a????? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b19147084a.html
91 PMG graded this as a 53!BUT CGA said NOPE ! Itís a 66†† REALLY? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/n94023620n.html
90 PMG58 graded this note & CGA regraded it a a CGA66 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/c40422249a.html
89 PCGS graded this note a 53& Guess what CGA regraded it as??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b58901377.html
88 PMG graded this a 55 march 2014! CGA regrades the same note a 65 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/v2863964.html
87 PCGS says this is a 64! CGA say Nope it's a 66!†† WHO IS CORRECT? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a8383011a.html
86 PMG graded this $5 note as a 58 BUT CGA regraded it as a CGA 66! REALLY? This is an expert opinion? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k43788627a.html
85 This is FUNNY!Guy buys the note on EBAY!Then sends it for Grading http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g00484127a.html
84 Grade this note YOURSELF!Use whatever tool you want!Then see how you did.††† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a91786351a.html
83 PCGS graded this note a 61!But CGA says NOPE it's a 65!GREAT! From a Mint State 61 to a Mint State 65 !THE VALUE just throught the http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/5864062.html
82 The original Grade on this note was a PCGS 58 (apparent) PMG regraded this note a Mint State64!††† WHY?Because they are the experts! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b50799994a.html
81 This $50 note was graded as VF-EF and now it's in a CGA holder as a CGA67 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/f00252931a.html
80 PMG graded this note as a 55 now its' been regraded as a CGA 66! HUH?†† Who's watching these guys?†††† Track & Price http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b332361a.html
79 Is it getting worse?Grading crap because it's rare?Maybe!But who knows it's RARE?†† ONLY EXPERTS?Professional Collectors http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b50621312a.html
78 It was graded by PCGS as a 58 Now it's a CGA 66?How can that happen?Overgrading?Bull crap grading?Maybe http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/d29977767a.html
77 This is a RARE note but how does it get a higher grade?Magic dust? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b72017784.html
76 THIS one TAKES the CAKE! REALLY!$50,000 to a $100,000 note http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a404335.html
75 2003 this note was graded as About New! CGA now says it's a CGA 64 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a79487117b.html
74 PMG grades this note a 58!NOPE says CGA it's a CGA66 REALLY?! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/99479.html
73 This Indian Chief was PMG 58 NOW its' a CGA 67!REALLY?WHY?Corners? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/m96247178.html
72 Even PMG is changing it's Grading from PMG 25 to PMG 30- What Changed?CORNERS for Sure? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/27146784.html
71 CGA graded this note as a 63Then Regraded it as a 66 WHAT changed?COLOR? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/1710547.html
70 PMG graded this Note as a 64. CGA regrades it as a 67!NOT much change but WHO Correct here?†† VALUE has gone WAY UP! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h18221925.html
69 Population Report for PCGS you have to Pay $50 for CGA it's Free!BUT what if someone removes the note from a Certified holder?REPORT is BAD, is it?HOLY CRAP all the reports have this error?This note JUST sold on EBAY #351041028194 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h00450760a.html
68 In 2008 PMG graded this Note as a PMG 15!†† In 2014 it's been RE-Graded in a CGA holder as a CGA 30!†† Wonder what the Value is now? $5000?EBAY #171300442483 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b32155920.html
67 As a CGA 67! This baby didn't sell!What do you think it would sell for as a PCGS 64?†† $4000???$5000?More? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/22249.html
66 This Gem list at $350 as a PCGS 58!What do u think this Monster will list at as a CGA 65??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b99999a.html
65 This very RARE gem List for $3300 as a PCGS 30 !What do you think this gem list for as a PCGS 40 ???? $4,195(wonder why it changed?) http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/n356266.html
64 graded by PCGS as a 45 this note was regraded by PCGS as a 53!†† HUH? Really?How can that be?Magic Dust? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b58757871a.html
63 PMG graded this note as a 55!How did it get regraded in a CGA holder as a CGA 66(how can this happen with EXPERTS?) http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g41930680a.html
62 What goes around, comes around!FOR whom?The experienced collector or the NEW collector?†† WATCH What YOU BUY! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/n557016.html
61 This is a VERY rare note!So which grader is correct?CGA or PCGS http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/32640403.html
60 It really doesn't matter who came first!ONE grader says it's a 58 and another grader says the note is a 40!†† WHO IS CORRECT? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h13341773a.html
59 This CGA 50 note was regraded by PMG as a 25!Really? Why is it so different by 25 points in a scale that only goes to 70??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/00174826a.html
58 In 2012 this $500 note was graded by one of the grading companies as a 53-- then, just like that it was regraded as a 66who's correct?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h00012542a.html
57 PMG graded this as a 64 and CGA said not it's really a 67?Did the US Mint really issue Notes with HOLE in them?Or closed holes?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/60874.html
56 Now this is WRONG!Violating a Court order!OR is this a Fraudulent holder? WOW! We gotta tell someone?Don't we?CGA http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/c00035752a.html
55 This $1000 note was graded by PCGS as a 58!CGA said nope it's really a 67?†† Who is right?But wait! Doesn't blue sheet say???? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g00151497a.html
54 PCGS says this Note is graded as 58 Apparent!With a note about a STAIN.†† PMG says NOPE this note Grades a 64! ††REALLY?†† Who are they kidding?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/661728.html
53 Maybe it's me, but CLEANING has become a habit with the GRADERS!How does a collector actually know what each grader is doing???WE DON'T!††† WE need published standards for Grading USA Currency & Coins http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a245009.html
52 Someone Please Explain to me Why anyone would GRADE their Note that they wanted to Sell Less than what an Offical grader?CRAZY? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a01465311a.html
51 PCGS graded this a PCGS 58 ††CGA regraded this note a CGA 67 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b10591647.html
50 Gold Certificate graded by PCGS 35 and Regraded by EXPERT graders at PCGS as a PCGS 40.What the Heck?How?What's different? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b4067530.html
49 PMG 40 is what PMG graded this note!NOT really said CGA! They grade it as a CGA 64 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/e379444.html
48 $50 note with alittle Stain on both sides VF-EF but CGA says NOPE it's really a CGA 67.HUH?Are those Wrinkles? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/f00252931a.html
47 Sept 2009 this note was graded as PCGS 25 It's on ebay today 2/10/2014 as a CGA 45 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/3554181.html
46 I compared the same PCGS 35 note with a PCGS 50!Which one would you want??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k57570607.html
45 Lyn Knight missed it again for Grading this RARE $4,255 note a 45 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/u5059900.html
44 PMG graded this GEM a 40only to have CGA to re-grade it ???? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/e379447.html
43 Lynn Knight missed the boat on this one when it unofficially graded this $500 note as a 50!†† CGA regrade it in 2014 as a 69 REALLY? 2 points more & it would be PERFECT http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g00307181a.html
42 Corner Folds, Minor handling, Pin hole!Naaagghh! CGA can handle that http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/v9297727.html
41 PCGS 53to PCGS 64??? HUH?Don't they check their records? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/n703410.html
40 PCGS grades it a 45 and PMG regradeds it a 35!What happen to the writing?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/y49462870.html
39 PCGS graded this note a 55!CGA regraded it 65!Really?What changed? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b16436171a.html
38 PMG 63 and CGA 65!Really?Why?Money?It could increase the cost to an unsuspecting soul!†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/z1393053.html
37 This note Had a HOLE in the Middle!Then it Didn't have a Hole! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/c9270519.html
36 This note has stuff that pretty obvious, but CGA handles all that with their magic dust.†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/e57773757.html
35 PCGS-55or CGA-66 10 points different?HOW can these experts get it so wrong?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/v70155989.html
34 PCGS -CGAdoes it matter?These EXPERTS can't get the grading straight.Why can't they put the attributes on the cert? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/d32171049a.html
33 This note grade as a PCGS 58 in Nov 2013 & was regraded by CGA as a 66! WOW http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h5242464.html
32 23 Points different!PMG35 on 12/9/13 & now it's a CGA 58!REALLY?You are kidding http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/50593444.html
31 From one grade CGA 66 to another Grade PMG!And Back again!It's almost like a YOYO http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a38710330a.html
30 What Changed?WHY?New experts?Different Day?(not a Friday) PCGS http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k1382208a.html
29 Again! 2 different serial numbers! TO PROVE a Point!Or to make a REQUEST!WHY http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/00614843a.html
28 I was this Grade before I was that Grade!†† It doesn't matter which came first these are EXPERTS in the FIELD of US Note!†††††† (bull crappy!) http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b50693966a.html
27 These serial numbers don't match!BUT if you look at PMG 30 & PMG 50& tell me the difference?Please?I'm just dying to know! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/m45383526.html
26 Note when from 2007 CGA65 to 2014 to PCGS 45!20 points Different!NO WAY http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/438462.html
25 With a FLICK of the WRIST!This note went from PCGS 58 to PCGS 67! OH! Wait a minute theirs NO PPQ on it!That's gotta be worth something!Doesn't it? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b36650642.html
24 This little Note went from CGA67 to PCGS 58!9 points Lower COME ON?Are we dealing with EXPERTS in the Field of Currency??? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/c3214970a.html
23 In 2007 this note Graded CGA 67Now in 2014 it's Graded PCGS 58REALLY? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/j179979a.html
22 This little wonder went from STAINED to No Stained & it's Graded Higher! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/1680602b.html
21 What LUCKY Guy paid for this BAD BOY?Like about $15K to 20K too much? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/e9896498.html
20 Back the Other WAY!From PCGS 40 to CGA 65 in a few MONTHS! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a00206548a.html
19 This $100 Gold Certificate went from CGA 67 to PCGS 53 HUH?Gee! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/m1013148.html
18 Heritage graded this Gem a 50!But they are not professional graders! CGA http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/s51786314c.html
17 Gee!In less than 1 Month this Note went from PCGS 55 to CGA 67 HUH?Really? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/e84478360.html
16 This is a MIRACLE all by itself!Going from an unofficial 30 to a Professional 67!Yeah sure! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a16310651a.html
15 $1000 note in a matter of Months goes from A COMMENT to NO Comment!HUH? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g00095728a.html
14 PCGS graded this Gem at 64 BUTCGA says NO it's a 66 (who correct?) http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b23374009.html
13 This Black Eagle went from 55 by Stacks (seller of more notes than Nevermind)to a CGA 67 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/y94755196.html
12 These 13 Gold Certificates were Graded as CLEANEDAU!But CGA regraded 65 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/a41109564.html
11 This note had a Stain in the Middle!But was still graded as a PCGS 61!†† Then the Stain was removed and the GRADE increased to a PCGS64 WOW! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b11993591.html
10 In 2002 this note was graded by CGA as a 65in 2013 BAM! It was upgrade to a 67 http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/1753225.html
9 From PMG 58to CGA66 -WOW!PMG really missed the boat huh! http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b58901399.html
8 This next Note went from a 12 to a CGA 35 just like that!REALLY?Magic Dust http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/6049654.html
7 Have you ever Compared Grades?Like Circulated Currency Grades Like PCGS 12 APPARENT?†† We both know Apparent mean the grade is lower http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/g31340553b.html
6 To go from 1 expert's opinion to PCGS 35 to another expert's grading of CGA 53 says the SCALE these experts are using isn't very standard.††† What is the VALUE NOW? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/k3558292.html
5 PCGS grades a note in 2012 as a 64then it is regraded as a PCGS 67!HOW? Oh! "It's the opinion of the grader that the note is a 67" http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/l16240451.html
4 1996 this note was graded as a 45!Now it's been regraded as a CGA66 !HUH?†† http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b336483.html
3 In 2001 this note was graded as a 55 BUT in 2013 it's been graded as a CGA 65.Magic dust working full time on this one http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/h15880939.html
2 seller at Smyth graded this gem as a 55on7/7/2007 BUT we have CGA saying it's a 66!HUH?Wait a minute!11 points? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/m79367438a.html
1 PMG graded this note as a 55 11-17-2012BUTPCGS re-graded the same Note as a 65 calling it as Superb Gem NEW!HUH? http://www.stolencurrency.com/html/b15811700.html