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  about it!  It's Just about MONEY!   as of 1/28/2013  
     A  lesson that allows GRADING Companies to "TRICK the Public"    
    ALL of this data is only 6 months OLD! Weird-----Weird------------Weird!   
  GRADE your Own Notes! Should a Grading Company be allowed to SELL their own Notes? Comments:
49 This might be a little picky! But how does this note with a tear, stuff on the back & ripped get AU50 Maybe it's a Thing with PCGS --like MONEY!  For a friend! Or 100's of gradings….  
48 This note GETS a GREAT GRADE of VF35 but it should be a Fine 15? This bottom note really got ripped! Must have been a FRIDAY at the Grading service?   
47 this note was in auction as a VG with edge nicks and faded seal…. I wonder why?  117 years old & it's getting dinked for being circulated? Gee! Now CGA Magic Dusted this note and the NICKS are gone!  It's now a VF35 (guess they understand about 117 years old)
46 Why are Circulated notes graded on the same scale as MINT STATE Notes? Why isn't the Grading Parameters put on the note to show WHY that grade is there?   GRADE you own Circulated NOTES!  Don't pay anybody Money to grade a NOTE against a system based on Mint state! 
45 How can a Damaged note this Bad get GRADED as a CGA 8 when you use a Grading system that was based on THE VALUE of the note!   It's graded as it left the MINT… This note is ON EBAY right Now!   Look it up!  Item # 110963482285
 I am for GRADING notes that are Circulated as Circulated living in a Circulated world and attributes that determine WHAT that note had experienced in it's life! 
44 Now get this!  $1 note that's TORN in Half gets graded as PCGS 35!   WEIRD! How can a $1,000 note get graded as PCGS40 and this note gets PCGS 35
43 This is a shame! Guys has 2 $1000 notes consecutive  Grades one 40  the other 50 How can two notes get such different grades!  OOPS the reverse MUST be screwed up something bad!  Who knows!
42 July 2012 this note was on EBAY  Now it's back but as a CGA66 That's amazing!  CGA says it's a MULE!  Gee why didn't PCGS pick that up!  Guess you aren't as good as you thought!  
41 This is a JOKE!  This note can't be 67!  That's three less than PERFECT Oh that's OK!  It's CGA again!  They have special privliges from the grading companies to grade whatever fits their fancy!  It is a special note too!   So MONEY could be involved!
40 This note really, really, really doesn't deserve a GRADING of 66?   Or does it?   Can you see Folds?  Can u see ink smears? Oh sure!  That's CGA grading system!  It's ok!  NO one really takes them serious!  They grade stuff on a wim a song and LOTS of MAGIC Dust
39 Grading is Tough for individual people!  Some of us couldn't grade an Ice cream contest!  BUT the EXPERTS are suppose to be GOOD at this! This is just Plain WEIRD!  VF-20 Top note!  Same note  F-15 is the middle note and GOOD 6 is the bottom note. You would think that these GRADING EXPERTS would at least be close.   CHECK it out ! You tell me!   
38 Come on!  This Note does not deserve a 66 grading!  BUT who am I to question the EXPERTS,  YOU decide! I've posted the pictures of what I think I see!  CIRCULATION!  That's automatically says AU doesn't it?  Maybe I'm wrong!  Tell me I'm wrong!  Please, I need some clarity in this Currency collecting!   
37 If you look at the TOP Note in this Next picture, you see a GRADE of VERY Fine!  Then scan down all the other Notes! You decide which Note you want to BUY!   It's WEIRD! WEIRD!
36 I don't really know, but I suspect this note was a little overgraded.  It's graded as a 65!  It's kind of high Maybe it's just me!  You DECIDED! 
35 This is a Weird one!  Very Fine 20 grade compared to another very fine grade 25!  How many things can you have wrong? Do these guys at PCGS think that people don't COMPARE notes?  They put acouple letters after the grade and that MAKES it so much better!    BUY the NOTE -NOT the GRADER
34 Now this is weird! In 2006 at Heritage  this Gold Cert was graded by PCGS as a 64 NOW its been regraded and at Heritage as a CGA 65 What changed?   How can this be?  
33 How on this earth did this NOTE get graded as a 68?   It has an obvious STAIN! CGA has really used the Magic DUST here and some poor SMUCK is going to pay BIG bucks and get taken to the cleaners….. BUY the NOTE! Not the GRADER
  Do you really THINK PCGS knows what they are Doing? Look at the MIDDLE photo!  Pick out the BEST!  Then look at the END photo
  Look at these NOTES and Tell me what you think? Look at the MIDDLE Picture FIRST!   Then the Other end Picture!
32 It's a $1000 Note:  1934   with a GRADE of PCGS 40 This is how it will be advertised "1934 PCGS 40 $1000 Note"   Not one word about the rest of the language.  THIS IS a POOR GRADE
31 This note is an EXAMPLE of PCGS APPARENT Grading.  Wait a minute!  Apparent grading happens at 60?  There is no indication at 63 that Apparent will be used?  CHECK THE SPECS OH! Maybe these EXTRA additional gradings indicator can be used across the entire UNCIRCULATED grading system.  WEIRD!   Why can't Circulated notes be graded on Circulation and condition?  Oh! Wait a minute this is an uncirculated note.
  PMG  Grading Specs   Click BELOW for MY COMMENTS: CGA Grading Specs.    Click Below for MY Comments: PCGS Grading Specs  Click BELOW for MY Comments:
30 This is a $10 FRN that has a GRADE of 67 and that's WEIRD BUT I figured it OUT!  You need to Look at the SPECS each Company uses! This may help understamd exactly why the grading is SO DIFFERENT.
29 This is JUST wrong!  $1000 Note with HOLES a pile of HOLES,  It also has questionable Smears? And possible FOLDS  -- 1, Two- maybe even 3 but it shouldn't be a 65 maybe an AU  MAGIC DUST!  Had to be
28 A friend sent this to me, $1000 note Graded as a 63.  With Holes and maybe trimmed…. And a fold or two?? How can anybody pay thousands of Dollars for a NOTE that has a grade of 63 yet clearly show holes, trimmed (maybe)  and it might have FOLDS
27 Now this $5 Chief  went from a 66 to a 60 to a 65 to a 67 This is CRAZY!  5 TIMES this note has been RE-GRADED and all different Grades assigned.  NO SIMPLE PARAMETERS!  No simple Specs
26 $20 Hawaii note that has HOLES and Holes and More Holes It's at best an EF but who am I to judge?   But a CGA64 who are you kidding? 
25 Now explain to me how a $5 note can be a 67?  Holes  Folds? EASY!   Magic Dust is working again! Some poor smuck is going to purchase this note only to find it with holes and folds…. Maybe it's a 55 but we'll see
24 Now this is an interesting 1891 $20 note with a 55 grade.  But I detect some folds?  And it appears to be a ink mark removed. (but I could be wrong) If 55 was the only issue, hey maybe someone needs to give more to the AGE of a note?  Can we do that?  121 years old and it's in great condition?  MAYBE WE SHOULD deduct a grade or two for younger notes?  
23 This next $1000 note is graded by PCGS as a VF20 …You have got to be kidding!  Look and see if I'm worng How can a 1922 Large Size currency be graded so low as a FINE 15?   Borders are ok! Slightly dirty.  It just does Not make any sense WEIRD No Standards
22 How does a 1896 Note get a GRADE of 63 when it appears it was Trimmed?  This is my opinion only!  What do you think? CGA has Sprinkled more MAGIC Dust on this 1896 Martha & George and CREATED a master piece of fiction!  You look at this note and you tell me…. Does it deserver a 63 grade?   WEIRD? WEIRD WEIRD
21 WEIRD!  How does a NOTE get Certified with 2  Folds & 1 Crease?  EASY CGA! Folds are NOT good but in the eyes of ONE Person, they give an aura of MONEY Money Money !  Grade this NOTE CGA 64 and you'll get lots of MONEY and you never have to use Magic Dust
20 A friend asked me about this $100 red seal Star note.  He had some questions! You decide if he's correct!
19 Now this is VERY WEIRD!  A 1963a $1 note with a GRADE of 64.  What's weird?  It has an EDGE TEAR on it? Weird How can a 1963a be graded 64 with a tear on the edge?  And some smuge, not alittle more that SOME!   Check this out!  I downloaded the requirements from the graders webpage, you know, doesn't say anything about EDGE Tears?
18 This $1 original 1899 that's CERTIFIED as VG10 has got to be Covered in MAGIC Dust…. VERY GOOD!  Maybe it was regraded? This is WEIRD!  VG10!  Tape repair!  Missing Corners! Folds!  PCGS has GOT to be kidding!    EXPERTS?  
17 Here ya GO!  This note was a 64 in 2010 and it's a 64 in 2012 and it's for sale on Ebay today 7/11/2012 Now what's WEIRD!  There is NO mention of it being PRESSED?  "WEIRD"  Nothing on the CGA Cert?   Gee there is a mention of being pressed in 2010
16 Now here is another Reason for GRADING companies to GET their act together!  We don't need to worry about the Best to the Worse grading companies. If there were certain GRADING criteria that everybody should follow, then maybe we would have grades that are at least CLOSE!
15 NOW this isn't WEIRD!  It'a a FACT!  A Note in 2005 is graded as CGA 64 & in 2009 the SAME Note is RE-GRADED to a PMG40! What is WEIRD! Is it's sold exactly for the same money in 2009!  EVEN That MAGIC DUST can help this NOTE
14 This example is JUST Plain sick!  Click the LINK! Can you believe this?  POOR Grading companies can't steal oops MAKE any money here!  
13 Now look at this!  66-66 - 58 and back to 66? Someone needs to do something about this
12 Ok this has got to be a mistake Doesn't it?
11 Now tell me how does so many grades end up on these notes if the graders all use the same methods?   Oh!  They are not using the same grading system This note went from grade 63 then 64 then 65 and then back to 64?   SAY what?  Gee someone forgot to sprinkle on the MAGIC dust on this note
10 Oh my Gosh!  WEIRD  WEIRD Another Note OVERGRADED From a 50 to a 66?  What the hell!  This is just weird!
9 Now you really need to look at this because it's on the same page, right above the one we just said! NOW this is WEIRD!  Yes  it is!  HOLY CRAP!  This a a DIFFERENT NOTE! 
8 Now this is Just Weird!  Don't like this Grade!  JUST Change it! It's really easy to change the grades!  GOSH you would think that the Grading companies would stop this!  
7 In 2003 a note was Best-estimate Graded (by Heritage) as a 50 and sold by Hertiage In 2006 the SAME note, with the same Serial Number, was Graded by CGA as 67  --  WEIRD?  It's a Miracle!
6 Grading -RE Grading??? Fr. 223 $1 1891 Silver Certificate PMG About Uncirculated 55 as of  2012 April 18-20 & 22 Schaumburg CSNS Signature Currency Auction #3517 Fr. 223 $1 1891 Silver Certificate CGA Gem Uncirculated 67  in  2005 September (CAA) Long Beach Signature Auction #386
5 In 2005 CGA graded this note as a 68.  Cool Huh!  He also advertised it at $7,000 but it didn't sell Why wouldn't he just lower the price?
4 Now in 2007 CGA regraded this note as a 67.  WEIRD?  IT went down one grade and was advertised at $5,000  WEIRD? No!  He lowered the Grade? 
3 Now in 2010 this same note was regraded again by PCGS and low and behold AU58-- and was advertised at $1,800 bucks. ALL the same serial number!  
2 STACKS AUCTION 01/25/11 LOT 3333   $1. Fr.219. W.54. Silver Certificate. 1886. No.B59192359. Plate C. Uncirculated, restoration. The note has very deftly closed edge tears and an end reconstruction. All work is well accomplished and as the note offers excellent body and color, the eye appeal is still quite excellent overall. The Martha Washington notes are always popular with type collectors, and particularly so with the earlier fancy back style of 1886 as seen here. Inspection recommended. At first glance looks like a $1,500 or better note. (300-500) Isn't this WEIRD that this same note would show up as a CGA 66 ???  With very deftly closed edge tears and an end reconstruction!   BULL CRAP!  66?  Give me a break!
1 Now this next note is WEIRD Weird Weird!  The note was advertised Fr. 274 $5 1899 Silver Certificate CGA Gem Uncirculated 66 in 2007 January Orlando, FL Signature Currency Auction  #424.   Now what weird about this, the SAME SERIAL NUMBER is in auction Today, July 1, 2012 and it's now RE-GRADED as a PCGS 40.   WHAT the heck?  Why? Why would somone take a Gem 66 and have it put in another holder as a XF40?  READ! The Link!  Check ebay 230819170074 before July 13, 2012