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The TWO Pocket Small Currency Holder is only for Circulated Currency, which are the notes traded every day.
Mint State notes are not part of that system, as most are bought from collectors or collector services.
Professional Grading services Grades MINT STATE from 60 to 70.

My system is for the currency that is considered rough or used or traded every day.
The "Scale" is from 11 to 100. You can get a 99 or 100 grade; you might want to consider sending the note to a professional grader.

QUESTION: Have you 'ever-considered-to-send-out' a TORN & Inked up TWO dollar note to an Official grading Service???? HECK NO!
So, what are your options?
Why not "RATE" or (grade) it yourself?

offers to Rate it for free!

now you can go to a WEBPAGE and answer a few Questions for Free and RATE (grade) your note.
and then print out a full sheet of DATA just for your note. Print it & insert that FULL sheet of paper into a Large Currency holder.

you can order a 2 Pocket "Small Currency "HOLDER" made just for your note with data that rates
(grades) your note to the SAME parameters that professional graders use.

I have DESIGNED a 2-pocket holder, one pocket for the note & one with a DATA record for BOTH sides of your note.
TRY it and order some today!

  • Open LONG side with 2 pockets
  • Top pocket: 2-1/4" x 6-1/4" OD
  • Bottom pocket: 3" x 6-1/4" OD
  • 6 gauge photo clear vinyl
  • 6-1/2" x 5-1/2" overall size

    All Holders are Clear Vinyl & RATE (grade) those old ratty notes you have sitting there, and SEE where you are after 3 months!
    You will TRADE those old ratty notes for BETTER, & you can RATE the new Currency before committing to buy.

  • The top pocket is for "Circulated Grading ATTRIBUTES" with your RATING for both sides of the Note.
    You can change it at any time. No more labels on the holder! Crossed off labels on the holders!
    but it's up to you what you want to put on that sheet that fits there.

    Two areas must be RATED (graded)>>>
    OBVERSE & REVERSE (yes, you get to Grade the Reverse of your note)

    Buy these holders; you just need to send me an EMAIL on a quantity. (minimum-10)
    Shipping & Handling depends on the quantity ordered., I will send you your total.
    Move the mouse on & off the picture

    These holders, with your RATING, are not meant to give you any Value to your collection,
    it's a method to teach you a Circulated Rating system, That's based on a 12 to 100 scale
    and give you a target to upgrade your collection.

    It's not meant to replace the OFFICIAL Grading system of 1 to 70 but that will COST you BUCKS!
    (with no indication on how that note was graded & what attributes that were used)

    It's only a NUMBER that describes the "CONDITION" of your USA Currency.

    This is why it's free...
    I just find it VERY WEIRD that the same serial numbered note can be "GRADED BY EXPERTS" 5 different times
    and always come up with a VERY different grade. (AS much as 5 to 10 points different) CRAZY

    I fear that USA COINS could also be RE-GRADED the same frivolous way! & nobody would every know!
    The Grading Companies need to FIX THIS- People count on them for a TRUE GRADE & no Doctored items!